Sleek, Sculpted, Super Confident.

Supportive tech inside, elegant coverage outside.

Activewear for lots of bodies, ages, shapes & moves. To feel worry-free & fabulous. Today, and tomorrow.

Bye-bye sheer leggings & crop tops
what is shapetech?
Feel as good as you look.

Our built-in shapetech liners support, lift and hold. It's just you, with your best butt, ever.

for women who live
Zero underwear, all safety.

Tummy coverage and zero underwear dilemmas. Working out is worry-free when you feel this secure.

Bundle a top + legging and save with sets.
By women, for women.

"For the first time I feel glamorous in my working out wardrobe. You have ticked every box with all the design, comfort and fit. I’ve never worn such wonderful sports kit! You have been so clever and I simply adore it."

- Jules J.

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