Anti-boring, anti-anti-ageing.

Activewear that isn't boring, for women who don't let age define them.

Made for the go-getters, the ass-kickers, the strong and the fabulous. It’s time the world takes notice. We are shaking it up and taking it on. And we deserve modern activewear to do it in. Because feeling incredible, strong and confident isn't defined by age. It’s a life-long thing. It’s a Lagatta thing.

Starting with our set
shapetech lift hold sculpt shape
shapetech lift hold sculpt shape

Cool at 20. Cooler at 50.

My age doesn't mean I've suddenly become meek! I am so okay with who I am today. Tired of all the oversized, boring stuff that makes me feel like I should hide. Now I choose thoughtful activewear that makes me feel stylish, confident and comfortable just the way I am.

Mimi, I'm 58

At the age of 50 I started hiking 73km mountain trails in Switzerland. My dream is to complete the 111km trail in July. Many of my hobbies are sports-related, but I also love cooking and great culinary experiences. I exercise so I can enjoy life!

Heidi, at 55

You have ticked every box with all the design, comfort and fit. For the first time I feel glamorous in my working out wardrobe. I shall live in it I know! You have been so clever and I simply adore it.

Jules, 56!

This is self-care in clothing! I love the fabric, I love the fit. As a mum of three, just knowing that I have something that really supports me is super powerful.

June, 37

Love my Lagatta! Great work out wear whether you are lifting weights... or looking after grandchildren (which is also a fun workout)!

Shirley, I'm 59

As soon as I put this on, she was like “mum I love that, can I have it!” 😳... The fabric is super soft and with an inner tech layer for the boobs, bum & hips. Love it 😍 Thank you so much .. and NO, Angelica, you can’t have it 😉

Marie-Louise, 52
shapetech lift hold sculpt shape
Yep, bodies change. So what?

Attitude is forever. Our built-in liners support your body through every chapter for carefree and comfortable movement. Made thoughtfully, so you can work it unapologetically.

The freedom to be you.

Feeling comfortable means feeling free, means feeling more like you. Our stylish coverage makes you feel dressed, not hidden away. You don't have to settle for oversized, grey shirts - those can retire now.


We are the exercisers who would rather kick ass than sit on it, who refuse to let this outdated industry stereotype us, who believe that comfortable is the new cool — and that looking and feeling incredible has no age limit. This is activewear as cool as we are, and as thoughtful as we deserve.