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Activewear that isn't boring, for the women who deserve better.

shapetech lift hold sculpt shape

Remember wearing thongs under leggings? Yikes, us neither. It's 2021 and we deserve sheer-proof, thong-free activewear. That's why we built seamless liners in ours, replacing uncomfortable undies and underwires.


The industry thinks we stop living at 50. Little do they know, we're only getting started. From running, to yoga, to tai chi, to aerial hoops. We're doing it all, and we deserve to do it in luxurious fabrics.


Yep, bodies change. So what? We can embrace our bodies as they are, and still enjoy having a good butt day. We support you, literally and figuratively, with interwoven ShapeTech™ panels.

shapetech lift hold sculpt shape