• This story started how most of my best ones do, with my mum.   She's cool, bold, active and stylish. Yet this boringly outdated industry offered her nothing but oversized polyester shirts.  She deserved better.
  • So we started by making a few samples at our kitchen table. Now, we're disrupting a $200B industry one sold-out legging at a time.
  • Our outfits are anti-boring and anti-anti-ageing. Thoughtfully designed and developed by the women who wear them.   So no woman will ever need to compromise on comfort, fit,  or style again.
  • n a world that desperately wants us to believe that growing older is about losing, we believe it's about winning, too: more freedom, confidence, experience & adventure. We believe in Growing Bolder, in feeling time-blessed, and in making bold moves.
  • We champion you through every chapter, not just the first few.This is a community of bold women with stories, adventures and zest for life.⁠⁠ It’s time the world takes notice. Join the Bold Club.

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