5 Feel-Good Fitness Tips to Celebrate Your Body In Every Chapter

Photo: Caroline, 52. Entrepreneur, mum of 2, golfer.


1. Have fun & separate it from aiming to look a certain way

We can lose up to 13% of our dopamine receptors when we grow older. Regular exercise also trains those dopamine receptors, increasing long-term feelings of gratitude, happiness & meaning. When you feel happy and healthy, you glow!

2. Do 60% aerobic workouts and 40% strength exercises

Aerobic workouts like brisk walking, swimming, running or cycling have the most health benefits overall, but strength training becomes increasingly important to maintain good muscle & bone health with age.

3. Make workouts work for you

Doing daily tasks in a more active way can have some serious health benefits. Some inspo: stand on one leg while brushing your teeth to improve balance, jump 10-20 times a day with 30 seconds in between to enjoy bone-building benefits even jogging can't offer, choose a walk over transport.

4. Get social to feel more brave!

Grab a friend, or your daughter, or your partner! Research shows that when we move together with others, we decrease anxiety and increase feelings of bravery and optimism. For an extra boost, turn up the music!

5. Wear thoughtful kit that makes you feel comfortable, supported & strong

Bodies change. So what? Invest in gear that makes you feel supported, carefree and confident through EVERY chapter, so you can focus on enjoying your movements and celebrating your body, today.

So, what is thoughtful kit...? Read on!

Own your age. Embrace your body. Demand thoughtful stuff.

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Cool at 20. Cooler at 50.

"At the age of 50 I started hiking 73km mountain trails in Switzerland. My dream is to complete the 111km trail in July. Many of my hobbies are sports-related, but I also love cooking and great culinary experiences. I exercise so I can enjoy life!"

Heidi, 55

"I trained and graduated as a pilates instructor at the age of 55. You have ticked every box with the design, comfort and fit. I shall live in it I know. You have been so clever and I simply adore it."

Jules, 56
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