"We're the exercisers who got tired of wearing oversized, boring T-shirts to cover up skimpy sports bras. Not to mention wearing thongs under leggings. We wanted something supportive yet fabulous, comfortable yet fun. We are ageing actively, fabulously and unapologetically. And we deserve stylish activewear to do that in."


the industry failed women

We couldn't find activewear that was as fashionable and cool as today's woman over 40 is, while still being thoughtfully designed with her needs in mind. The industry failed us. We’re here to set things straight.

celebrating who you are, today

We know you bring your own confidence to the table. You can do anything. We're just making sure you can do it in style, too.

Designed to support your every move, and help you look incredible too. From the material, to the cut, to the tech – it’s all designed with you in mind.

You can do anything.
Now you can do it in style, too.

shapetech lift hold sculpt shape
2 years in the making.

Our activewear comes with built-in shorts and bras featuring strategically placed active and passive compression panels that give your body unparalleled support in all the right places. It makes you feel held, secure and sculpted, without ever compromising on comfort.

Pro-age by design.

Designed together with and on casually active women in their 40's, 50's and 60's, so we learned from the real deal. The result is a design that makes you feel dressed with comfortable coverage, finished with sophisticated details that keep it stylish.

Thoughtful in every way.

High performance fabrics that are butter-soft, skin-smoothing, UV-protective, cooling & breathable, 100% opaque, 78% recycled. Need we say more?