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Activewear, like it should be.

It all started with a mother-daughter shopping trip for activewear. We realised that the activewear industry isn't very modern: it caters almost exclusively to athletes with performance-driven pieces that are skimpy, neon, thin and sheer. Then there is the rest: oversized, bland and grey. Wasn't there anything more elegant for the casually active woman? 

We thought we weren't made for activewear, but it's the other way around: activewear wasn't made for us. So we reimagined activewear for modern women, living modern lives: Lagatta.

Thoughtful. Fabulous. Fun. Real.

Our values match yours. We make thoughtful, high-quality products that make it easy, fun and fabulous to live well. From lifting dumbbells to lifting a glass of rosé afterwards, we make activewear you can feel confident, comfortable and be yourself in. Just the way you are, just the way you move.

We care, so you can feel carefree. 

Modernising wellbeing

We believe that modern life is not about counting abs, restricting food and living less. It’s about enjoyment, being good to ourselves and living more. So while staying active can be hard, feeling good in activewear shouldn't be. 

Stephanie is a former professional snowboarder and product engineer. Mimi is her mom and style inspiration. Together they're reimagining wellbeing for modern life, so that more women can enjoy more wellbeing.

Supportive inside, elegant outside.

It's time for modern activewear.

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