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Why we're giving away activewear for free...

When we said we're you-obsessed, we meant it. As some of you may already know after we proudly announced it on our socials: we're hosting an event in London this Saturday!

Our Retire Your Ageist Activewear event takes place in central London this week and is all about you getting better activewear, for free! Retire Your Ageist Activewear is a pop-up event during which you can drop-off old and uncomfortable activewear and get free activewear in return. Pretty cool right?

We're very excited to host this event and meet you all in person. We want to bring our wonderful and vibrant community of bold women together and have you swap your ageist activewear for better. It's about time you own activewear that feels divine + looks divine and that's where we play our part. Because we make activewear that isn't boring, for women who don't believe in age limits. To try it on is to never take it off...

Why is it going to be so memorable? Because you'll get free or discounted activewear, you get to meet other bold women, AND you get to sip on free drinks... need we say more?⁠

So why are we doing this?

When you walk into any Nike, Sweaty Betty, Lululemon or Roxy store, all you see is 20-year-old women on the campaign posters. Where are the 50-year-olds hiking mountain trails, the 60-year-olds doing yoga, and the 30-year-olds surfing? We know they exist, because they’re members of our community. We’re here to challenge the notion that adventure, fun and action end at 30. And we’re willing to upgrade women’s current activewear for free to prove how ageist the industry is, and how much better our garments actually fit.

We've designed our own sizing standard with fitting models aged between 29 and 68 instead of the industry’s usual 18-year-old average, making the garments more comfortable and better fitting. We truly believe that this should be the way things works and we're ready to shake things up in an industry where the majority of women aren't seen and considered like they should be. We're running this unique event because we want all of you to experience the difference and we know once you do you won't turn back.

The practical details

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How does it work?

1.Bring your old and uncomfortable activewear to our pop-up store in London.

2.The first 10 people to come will get a free full Lagatta set, the next 10 get a top or a bottom for free & everyone else after gets 20% off.


Because you deserve better.


10 South Molton Street, London W1K 5QJ

The closest tube stations are Bond Street (central, jubilee & elizabeth lines) and Oxford Circus (bakerloo, central & victoria lines).


Saturday the 12th of November, from 10am to 6pm. First come first served basis!

What do we do with all the activewear dropped off?

We donate it to women in need or recycle it if it's not in great condition.

Count me in!

Add any questions you may have in the comment section.

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