We gave our sets a new life - Lagatta

We gave our sets a new life

We have some exciting news to share with you - we have officially sold out of our activewear sets online!

We made the decision to not discount any remaining tops or leggings, but donate these to three Women’s Aid charities.

At Lagatta, we believe every woman deserves to move freely and feel good in whatever she’s wearing and we’re so thrilled to support such an amazing cause and help these women who need help.

One of the charity managers kindly let us know exactly how this donation will help these women:

“The active wear donated to us by Lagatta will support us in providing for women who often arrive with only the clothes they are wearing. The range of sizes Lagatta has gifted to us means women can have access to high quality, comfortable and practical clothing that fits them, a luxury that is not often available from clothes donated to our wardrobe. This will have a huge impact on helping our women to rebuild their self-esteem and to restore some pride and confidence as they start their journey towards a new life.”

The other garments that had small flaws and were not fit to sell or donate were recycled into new products and will be gifted with each purchase from our new styles we are launching.

Thank you for supporting us on our journey and we can’t wait to share sneak previews of our new styles with you that you helped us to design!

Lagatta x

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