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Lagatta 30 over 30

Last time we kicked off our very first edition of Lagatta 30 over 30! SO let's keep the ball rolling, today you get to meet the lovely Jools Sampson. Lagatta 30/30 is a series of interviews where we shine the spotlight on women who don't let age define them or their goals.

We champion living life on your own timeline - and without (age) limits. So each month we interview one woman who does just that, and dive into her story, adventures and rituals, and share that with you. We hope you leave each interview feeling inspired, motivated and seen.

Jools Sampson owns and runs Reclaim Your Self retreats, a pioneering wellness travel company that offers yoga retreats and wellness adventures for and anyone and everyone wanting to actively improve their wellbeing and connect with their best self. 

She shares about how she ended up doing what she does today, what she loves about herself compared to when she was 20 and she tells us all about how she stays active.

1. Tell us more about your journey leading up to now and what excites you the most about what you do.

I worked in international development for 10 years and lived in East Africa for half of that time. I did a massage course there, just as a hobby, and loved it so much that it set me on a big journey into yoga and wellness. After a couple of years, I took a leap of faith and created my business and haven’t looked back since! I love connecting with people from all around the world - our hosts, my team and all of our brilliant guests. 

2. What is a daily habit that brings you joy?

The ritual of making my one and only coffee in the morning, and then sitting quietly drinking it before my day begins! 

3. What’s something you love about your life now compared to when you were in your 20s and what's something new you'd like to try?

Compared to my 20's I love that I am SO much more confident. I am calmer and kinder too. And something new I’d love to learn is how to ski!

4. How do you stay active and what is your motivation to do so?

I go to the gym and train at least 3 days a week. My motivation is that I need to be mentally and physically strong to do my job. I travel a lot and I look after people all the time so I need to be really together.

5. What is the last thing you discovered about yourself?

I discovered that I love snow but I don’t like cold water! 

6. What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Leave my well paid career to set up Reclaim Your Self! 

Thank you so much to Jools for being part of our 30/30 list. We hope you're enjoying this new series of ours and want to you to get involved too! Ladies, let us know below who you'd like us to interview next. You can nominate any women over 30 who's doing bold things - including yourself!

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