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Lagatta 30 over 30

Introducing the very first edition of Lagatta 30 over 30! Lagatta 30/30 is a series of interviews where we shine the spotlight on women who don't let age define them or their goals.

We champion living life on your own timeline - and without (age) limits. So each month we interview one woman who does just that, and dive into her story, adventures and rituals, and share that with you. We hope you leave each interview feeling inspired, motivated and seen.

This month, our first edition starts with Martine. Martine Thoelen is a Belgian full-time artist currently living in Switzerland. She shares about how she ended up doing what she does today, what she loves about being 52 compared to when she was 20 and she tells us all about how she stays active.

1. Tell us more about your journey leading up to now and what excites you the most about what you do.

I have an education in Fine Arts but later on my path took me to modeling. When my son was born I started working as a full time artist. What excites me the most about what I do now is being able to live my passion everyday and having freedom in my work. I just do what I love everyday!

2. What is a daily habit that brings you joy?

Starting my day early, walking to the lake for my swim throughout the whole year. I’m a winter swimmer, so I swim also during the winter! Early mornings are precious. 

3. What’s something you love about your life now compared to when you were in your 20s and what's something new you'd like to try?

Compared to my 20's I love that now I'm able to say NO! I’m quite happy with what I’ve already done in my life but learning Japanese and taking up writing are on my bucket list.

4. How do you stay active and what is your motivation to do so?

I’m train twice a week with a coach. During summer I do paddle boarding and swimming, and in the winter cross-country skiing. My motivation to move is simply the feeling of happiness I have after the workouts are done.

5. What is the last thing you discovered about yourself?

I discovered tolerance and ignorance.

6. What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done?

Being a mom.

Thank you so much to Martine for being part of our 30/30 list. We've got an equally incredible next guest lined up, although from a completely different field. Stay tuned to find out who it is in our next 30/30 reveal in the newsletter. In the meantime, let us know:

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