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Behind The Scenes at our latest campaign

When we said we're you-obsessed, we meant it. While working on our brand new collection, we also worked on a brand new campaign. It's now here! What better way to send the message that being cool has no expiration date, than featuring women who are actually living it?! We 're incredibly proud to present this video, along with our campaign images. But there aren't many things more fun than peeking behind the scenes, seeing how things were made, and hearing all about how we chose the women we featured. Read on!

The Campaign video

Why was this campaign video important?
Stephanie: The sportswear industry is incredibly outdated and has historically excluded most women over 30 from marketing, campaigns and product design. It has taken around 60 years for size inclusivity to make its way to the sportswear industry. But age inclusivity is something that we haven't seen yet. We know, from experience and from the women around us, that adventure doesn't end at 30. On the contrary, it's only just beginning. There is no limit to fun, action and movement. There is no such thing as age caps for trying new things. And that's what this video represents: a new way to look at sports over 30, and a challenge towards the sportswear industry, all capsulated in a 40 second video. It's our introduction to the world.

Who are the women featured in the campaign?
Stephanie: We wanted to be very mindful throughout the casting process. We wanted to feature women who truly lead the #growingbolder ethos. We received so many fun casting videos, and the final decision was made by looking at age diversity, size diversity and the stories we found most inspirational. One of our favourite casting questions was "What's the boldest thing you've ever done?". Hearing the answers to these questions truly makes you realise that you may have not made your boldest move yet, no matter your age, and so many cool things are yet to come. We're never done.

The Campaign Photoshoot

From left to right: Kim Anh, Jabeen, Dene, Joycelyn, Rachel, Silvina, Marie.

We ended up with an incredibly fun and bold group of women, making the vibes so lighthearted and wholesome on set. We wouldn't have been able to put this campaign together without the hard work, charisma and courage of our models and team. We've put together some highlights from our casting interviews below, to read the full interviews with each model, head over to our Instagram account!

Kim Anh

What do you love about yourself now compared to when you were 25?

"How confident I am now. I used to be timid and scared, only wearing neutrals, now I love wearing colours."


Something you have recently learned?

"I'm attempting to learn how to belly dance!"


When do you feel most like yourself?

"When I'm dressed in colour, in a way that suits my personality. I also always make time for swimming."


Something new you'd like to learn?

"I've recently learned how to bake, next up is rollerskating!"


The boldest thing you've ever done?

"A complete change of career in my forties. I became a model, am launching my own haircare line, and I always make time for my yoga practice."


When do you feel most like yourself?

"Getting ready for a night out with my favourite music playing in the background. And when I'm outdoors, in nature. I always make time for a walk."


What's the boldest thing you've ever done?

"I put together a 6 week program to empower women to be the best version of themselves, with a focus on mindset and style."

Read the full casting interviews of each model on our Instagram!

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