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101 Ski Muscle Prep

Whether you’re hitting the slopes, or just fancy a heart pumping workout here is some expert advice and a quick lower body workout from our very own Lagatta fitness guru and advocate, Katie from Embrace over 40.

To avoid a ski injury, it's best to exercise a couple of weeks before your trip to really prep your body before hitting the slopes!

Try walking, jogging or using a Cross Trainer as a warm up and then try this quick Ski Circuit:

  1. Squats x15 repetitions (x12 if using weights)

  2. Squat Jumps x10

  3. Alternate Lunges x12

  4. Jump Lunges x10

  5. Plank hold - 30 seconds


Exercise Descriptions:

SQUATS - Feet hip width apart and parallel, bend knees as if you were to sit down on an imaginary chair. Straighten legs and stand up. You can also add hand weights to increase the intensity of this exercise.

SQUAT JUMPS - Squat down then spring up into the air; land back to the ground and go straight into another squat (NO weights needed!)

ALTERNATE LUNGES - Standing nice and tall, step forward on the right leg and bend to 90 degrees, keeping the chest lifted and the knee behind the foot; push back up to standing and repeat on the other leg.

JUMP LUNGES - Standing with one leg a few feet in front of the back leg, bend both legs then spring up into the air, changing legs and landing with the other foot in front. Repeat

PLANK HOLD - on your forearms, lengthen your body down towards your toes, pulling up your belly button to support the spine, keeping the body lengthened and shoulders away from the ears. HOLD this position!

Our knees are probably the most susceptible to injury whilst skiing so it is really important to exercise the large muscles in the leg (quads and hamstrings) as well as the bottom muscles (the glutes).  Your core also needs to be strong so you could also try adding in some Mountain Climbers and add a twist to these too!

MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS - On your hands and in a Plank position, bring one knee up towards your chest, then back to the starting position; bring the other knee up to your chest, whilst keeping the bottom down and the spine long. To really work your core muscles, add a twist: bring your knee in and towards the opposite shoulder; repeat with the other knee.

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